Hello world!

I call a spade a spade. I am too sick to beat around the bush anymore. For those who keep kicking me around & blaming me for their issues, keep it up; it only makes me work harder. Karma does comes around 10 fold & I promise yours is coming.

Age: 29 and Holding…. lol

Hair Color: Lighest Golden Brown LOL

Eye Color: Brown or Hazel, depends on the color I am wearing that day. :o)

Height: 5’3″

Weight: A true woman never tells her weight.

Where do I live: I live in a small, crooked city in Wisconsin, which I really need to get out of.

Body Style: Average (Someone you will want to cuddle up in front of a warm fire with and have a romantic evening with.)

Religion: Raised Catholic, but not practicing too much. But thanks to the religious hypocrites & the Pope’s view I am embarrassed to say I am was even raised Catholic. At this point in time, I am undeclared. I do have morals, values, scruples and ethics though. Do you?

Education: College Graduate in Public Health Education. Many EMS and Emergency Management Credentials.

Occupation: President, Founder & Executive Director of the APS Foundation of America, Inc. (#APSFA). I was a Health & Safety Instructor for 16 years but due to medical problems had to stop teaching. I provided First Aid, CPR, etc through the Emergency Care and Safety Institute. This organization is sponsored by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and American College of Emergency Physicians. Former team member of the United States Coast Guard.

Income: Prefer not to say

Marital Status: Single. I am looking for a good person that will treat me well.

Has Children: No – But I have to wonderful cats

Wants Children: Not sure

Drinking: Seldom Drink

Smoking: Don’t Smoke / Don’t use drugs

I’d also like to say… I believe in being HONEST and EXPECT the same. Lies and Deception will get you nowhere very fast with me. I call them as I see them. I have a good sense of humor (at least I think so). I have a cat and my cat comes with me. I am NOT looking for a man that wants casual sex or a booty call (sex takes a SERIOUS COMMITMENT…. in other words a diamond ring) and RESPECT is a big word in my book. Too many men think sex makes the relationship and is the most important part of a relationship, I beg to differ, COMMUNICATION is. Sex has nothing to do with ROMANCE. Learn the difference if you want a chance with me. ROMANCE comes from the HEART, not the wallet; however flowers do help. The rest you will have to learn as you get to know me.

Relationships are a 2 way street, because I am really tired of the games most men play and trust me there are a lot of games. I am tired of getting walked all over, so if you like to play games, please don’t email me. And if you have ideas that you will use me to get back at or with your ex, you are bored with your wife or just want booty, please don’t email me. I am not about to lower myself to that level. And now, that I have said that….. here is a

Personal Thought or Quote… Life is short and you must enjoy each day to the fullest. Surround yourself with positive energy. Remember to take the good with the bad. And believe it or not there is some good with the bad. And I am beginning to think that everything happens for a reason.


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