Amazon’s Lack of Due Diligence

Amazon’s Lack of Due Diligence

Just wow Amazon.  You are the biggest piece of shit business out there.  You violated your own Terms of Service.  You allowed your Seller to violate the Sellers Terms of Service hundreds of times and who do your punish?  The Buyer.

You let the Seller dox me, slander me, harass me and my non profit, libel me, and stalk me.  The Seller used my billing information to call me at my home and place of business.  The Seller then turned around and placed that information under every review under her teens book, under some reviews more than once.

Even reporting this via email, by phone and by chat you, Amazon, did nothing.

But now as I Google more about Amazon, this happens often.  You allow bullying of Buyers.  You allow stalking of Buyers.  You allow the slander and libel of Buyers.

It is clear where your bias is.

Funny thing is, when the rubber hits the road and the FBI finishes its investigation, you will be caught in the middle of a big scandal.


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