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Coulee Region Taxi dba CRTaxi: Be Aware

Coulee Region Taxi aka CRTaxi example cab and logo.

Coulee Region Taxi dba #CRTaxi I do not recommend this business for patients with needing rides with wheelchairs.

They are never on time for pick up.

We are currently waiting out of state at Gundersen for a pick up to get back to La Crosse for well over 2 hours. They told us it will be another half hour at least.

My client has now missed his appointment back in La Crosse because of. This is unacceptable!!!

We should not have to keep calling your company to redirect rides to Winona when you said the driver would be waiting. We will be contacting #Inclusa and any state certifying agencies regarding this. They are laws protecting the disabled.

We better not be charged for this.

Edit to add. When they were still late…We waited well over 3 hours. We called again, got hung up on. Called back again and got told a man “they were done with our shit and to call and attorney”.

Had we not called we would still be sitting there. On the way home my client was talked about over the radio with he was in the van. And I just found the inbox on #Facebook to me from an employee. Wonder what it said?

Maybe they did give us a good suggestion.

Be Aware if you are sending your disabled clients alone and not meeting them there. They may get stuck not getting their destination or from it.

Notice she is the manager. She was the one on the radio with the driver while my client was in the van.